Power Delivery Methods For Welding

The mode of metal transfer is an important concept in welding. The method in which the metal is transferred is largely determined by the parameters of the weld and the shielding gas composition. Short Circuit Welding Short circuit metal transfer uses a wire that generates hundreds of short circuits a second. This is done using argon and CO2. The advantage of this approach is that it has a high travel speed and does not have a position limitation.

The Pros and Cons Of Paper Film Cores Over Plastic Film Cores

When you are in the business of working with physical film, you have to remember that the quality of the film is only as good as the method you use to store it. There are multiple types of film cores to choose from, but paper and plastic tend to be the most common choices. Here is a look at the pros and cons of paper film cores over plastic.  Pro: Paper film cores won't overheat and cause sticking.

3 Reasons To Keep Your Industrial Shop Or Business Stocked Up On Cutting Fluid

If you work with any kind of industrial or heavy-duty equipment that involves cutting, sawing, drilling, or another elaborate movement that breaks apart or re-forms a material like metal, you better make sure you have enough cutting fluid for the job. Industrial cutting fluids, sometimes called cutting oils, are designed to keep your machinery properly lubricated while in use. Here's three reasons why you should never go without it. Maintain Your Equipment By Reducing Wear and Tear